Our primary aims are to:

  • Provide a rescue service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for all wild reptiles and amphibians.
  • Provide high-standard in-house rehabilitation care to reptiles and amphibians recovering from injury or illness.
  • Facilitate the release of rehabilitated injured or sick reptiles and amphibians back into their natural environment.
  • Provide education to members and the public about all reptile and amphibian-related issues and topics.

Join RRQi

Join the group and become actively involved in reptile rescue/ rehabilitation. Assist with transport of contained reptiles to veterinary facilities. Membership Form


Donate money so that we can improve our services to reptiles and the community. Donate any unused reptile equipment that can be used for wild animals. Contact us: info@rrqi.org


Grant writing, assisting at events, education, phone or social media support. There are lots of ways that you can assist us in our endeavours.
Learn more, email us: info@rrqi.org

Reptile Rehabilitation Qld inc is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation

Established in May 2016 in response to the realisation that there were no dedicated rescue/rehabilitation groups that dealt solely with reptile welfare. Our organisation is formed by a dedicated group of reptile enthusiasts who recognise the value of reptiles within our environment and with a passion for educating about the need to sustain this valuable resource within our ever-changing communities.

Reptiles thrive in Queensland’s tropical climate, with over 440 named species residing here and at least one third of these being endemic (occurring only here) (Wilson, 2005). With the pressures of urban expansion many reptile species that flourished now struggle to maintain their numbers within a constantly changing environment and climate. The three top causes of injury to reptiles are all a direct result of human activity, they are dog attacks, cat attacks and road trauma. We owe them an opportunity to have a second chance.


RRQi regularly attends community events, follow us onfacebook to find out where we will be next. Let us know if you would like us to provide some reptile or amphibian education to your school, business or group.


Whilst some wildlife rescue and welfare groups with a broader focus do offer assistance to wild reptiles in need of care, our group differs significantly in that reptile care is our primary concern. Our carers are experienced reptile keepers and enthusiasts who have a passion for all aspects of reptile welfare.


RRQi provides specialist training free to members and for a small fee to the public. Our workshops are filled with practical and up to date advice on everything our members need to rescue and rehabilitate our injured reptiles and amphibians. We focus on best practice to keep our members and the public safe while completing their tasks.